Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cedar Creek Inn - Brea, CA

Last night we headed over to one of the nicer eateries in Brea called Cedar Creek Inn. Despite it's name, Cedar Creek is not an 'Inn', but is an upscale restaurant. For date night, this place is the evenings the light is dimmed and the wood burning fireplaces scattered throughout the restaurant add to the romantic atmosphere.

For our date night, we opted to head directly to the bar rather than get a table (of which there were plenty). Although seating at the bar is minimal, it was a slow night and we didn't have a problem finding a nice quiet corner next to the bar fireplace. Neither of us were starving, so we ordered the Ahi Sashimi (raw Ahi) appetizer, which turned out to be the perfect amount of food for our appetites. The Ahi was excellent...anyone who likes sashimi or wants to try it for the first time can't go wrong here. Ahi is more 'entry level' for sashimi and Cedar Creek does it right.

Prices at Cedar Creek are on the higher side (the sashimi was around $13), but I have yet to feast on anything I didn't thoroughly enjoy. Whether you're in the mood for fish, steak, vegetarian, beer, wine, etc, Cedar Creek has a wide-selection for most tastes.

Access to Cedar Creek is easy with its proximity to the 57 freeway. Don't worry about parking's a-plenty in this area!

Brian's Rating: "Pricey, but still great food and atmosphere!"

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